FRINGE REVIEW: This House Will Never Let Us Go – NOT TO BE MISSED

I’m afraid of actress Kristen Vaughan.  I mean, if I were to see her at Know Underground Bar I would be hesitant to talk with her.  I want to, because I want to tell her and castmates, Mac Rogers and Rebecca Comtois, just how much I’ve admired their work over the last few years in shows like GOD OF OBSIDIAN and MUSICAL CHAIRS and now this show.  But Vaughan is so compelling and convincing in this year’s show THIS HOUSE WILL NEVER LET US GO that I’m absolutely terrified of her.

It’s a horror play, y’all, and it’s one you need to see.

Rogers, who is the playwright as well as “Griff” in this production, writes such great stories.  His ability to surprise, while keeping the action moving through natural-sounding dialogue, is astounding.  His scripts come to life under the engaging acting from his co-stars.  Comtois is so relaxed on stage, while Vaughan has an intensity that demands attention. Together, they are mesmerizing.

I don’t want to give away any of the surprises in this show but it is creepy and frightening and so well done.  “Polished” is the word a friend and I came up with when describing the team from Gideon Productions. There are other words, too. Professional.  Smart.  Funny.  And a must see.   I’m enamored with how a few props can help establish such a sense of place and time.  There’s a subtle soundtrack, playing underneath some of the scenes, that accentuate what’s happening.  But it’s the total package – direction, playwrighting, and unparalleled acting – that make this show not to be missed.

THIS HOUSE WILL NEVER LET US GO is part of the Cincinnati Fringe Festival.  Click here for information about the show and click here for information about the festival.  There are just three performances left of this incredible show so get your tickets now.