imagePaul Strickland is not only a fine storyteller, he’s a poet; an artist who paints with such vibrant word-brushes you can’t help but be impressed.  This year, instead of writing a show that features himself telling stories he has written a bonafide tw0-hander play.  Not only that, he cast two of our finest actresses to be the mouthpieces for his remarkable and beautiful story.

Annie Kalahurka and Miranda McGee star in MY LEFT TEETH.  It’s the story of a woman’s journey to harvest her aunt’s belongings after her death but instead she collects her memories.  McGee, who I continue to believe is under-utilized as she brightly shines in dramatic roles, turns in a remarkable performance as she discovers (and recounts) some of her eccentric aunt Peggy’s life story.  Kalahurka stands toe to toe with her as a neighbor who loved Peggy and isn’t nearly as surprised about what they find inside of her old, strange home.

From the opening moments, when we realize that her guests are welcomed by a Woody Woodpecker-inspired doorbell, we know that this aunt – and show – is going to be full of quirky humor.  But for all the odd, weird, and unusual discoveries made through the this hour long fantasy memoir-play, it’s the deeply moving, touching, and heartfelt reverence that Strickland has for both language and character that is the real feature.

I highly recommend it.

MY LEFT TEETH plays again Thu, June 9 at 6:30pm and Fri, June 10 at 9:15pm. It is quite likely a sell-out going forward but verify with the box office to be sure.  Click here for more information.