REVIEW: Mockingbird


I love passion projects. MOCKINGBIRD is obviously one for director Ben Ranaan. It’s an interesting play, for sure, and one that people seem to be enjoying based on what I’ve read on FaceBook thus far.  I truly hope the run sells out and even moreso that Falcon continues to invest in new directors and new works.

Unfortunately, inconsistencies in the characterization of the lead character makes it difficult to fully invest in the story.  As someone who has spent time with all different types of autistic children, it was jarring to see “Caitlyn” delivering witty one-liners while mugging for the audience.

There are some good performances; Lisa DeRoberts is always delightfully quirky.  Maya Farhat is grossly underused and is as authentic as always.  Patrick Phillips is consistent and fun to watch. I really enjoyed the moving performance of Chris Petty as the grieving father.

The set is minimal but functional; the lighting more than adequate, and the sound design professional and adds to the piece.  I appreciate the hard work and overall quality of the production and suggest that if you have an interest in these types of plays you should definitely go see it.

MOCKINGBIRD plays through December 19th.  Click here for more information.