Looking Forward . . .

I’m excited about this World Premiere coming in May at the Ensemble Theatre in Over the Rhine.  Here’s a description from their web site:

“SIZE MATTERS by Raymond McAnally
Co-directed by Ed Stern & D. Lynn Meyers

Living life as a “Big Guy” is one obstacle, but imagine carrying one hundred extra pounds and getting work based seventy percent off of your appearance. Welcome to the life of Raymond McAnally, an actor who’s weighed over 280 pounds since he was 18 years old. Working in a profession that forces his body issues to take center stage, he’s learned how size matters, and how it doesn’t. Based on true events, this heartfelt comedy will resonate with anyone who’s ever wrestled with body issues and self-confidence.

APROXIMATE RUNNING TIME 1 hr, 30 minutes, with no intermission

Content Advisory: This production contains adult themes and may not be suitable for all audiences.”

We’ll have lots of coverage of this show as it gets closer, but put it on your radar … I think it’s going to be brilliant!

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