REVIEW: Jane Eyre

The latest mainstage production from the Playhouse in the Park, JANE EYRE, does its best to appeal to a broad audience base.  Fans of classic literature, this particular story, and “proper” romance are likely to buy tickets.  While not quite Shakespearean in its language and cadences, the script is set in a time where people spoke differently than now.  This is a classic story, which is often code for “very old and maybe boring.”

Director KJ Sanchez and her creative team contrast the antiquity with a stark, minimal, and modern set.  She’s also made use of symbolism and movement to express emotion. I admire the creativity.  However, I found the show flat, the story uninteresting, and the stage full of people reciting their lines with little connection to anyone else on the stage.

That said, clearly I’m not at all the target audience for this one.

My friend, David Lyman, who writes for the Cincinnati Enquirer, had a very different take, which you can read here.  He’s probably “more correct” about the show’s assets than I am about its deficits.  I’ll defer to his review and suggest you go see it and make up your own mind.

Isn’t it interesting how opinions can vary?

JANE EYRE runs through April 8th at the Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park.  Click here for tickets and more information.