REVIEW: Poor Behavior

Theresa Rebeck’s POOR BEHAVIOR reminds me of why I am really glad I don’t provide marriage counseling anymore.  The opening night audience laughed, guffawed, gasped, and talked at the stage in response to the developments that unfolded.  Some of it was knowing laughter, some of it was shock and awe.  They were having a very good time.

Derek Snow plays “Peter,” husband to Becca Howell’s “Ella.”  Their friends, “Ian” (Phineas Clark) and “Maureen” (Torie Pate) have joined them at their country home for the weekend.  Ian and Ella get drunk, really drunk, and argue over philosophy.  It’s heated.  So heated, in fact, that it’s a little shocking when we learn that their relationship might not be more than it first seems.  Is Maureen right in her suspicions – or is she just crazy?  Is Peter under-reacting because he’s afraid of confrontation or because he’s got his own secret?  There’s a lot going on here and the audience at Falcon Theatre had fun watching it all unfold.

Lauren Carr directs with a soft-touch.  She simply lets the script play-out, letting the surprises delight the audience.  The set design utilizes the space perfectly, with real a real kitchen-feel.  I enjoyed the pre-show playlist, filled with covers of classic songs.

Rebeck, a Cincinnati native, has written better plays for sure.  But for a fun pre-holiday night out on the town, this is sure to be a satisfying choice for many couples.

POOR BEHAVIOR plays at Falcon Theatre through December 1st.  More information can be found at Falcon Theatre’s website.  Also, follow their Instagram for frequent updates and fun!