REVIEW: Lysistrata


I love a good re-telling of a classic story; this particular classic – LYSISTRATA – is not as well-known as say “Romeo and Juliet” or even maybe “The Odyssey.” But there has been a modern-day musical based on the original tale (“Lysistrata Jones”) and now with this updated script, more folks will have the opportunity to revel in its bawdy mythology.

Using the tiny Simple Space venue, the audience is lined up on either wall while the action unfolds practically in our laps. We learn about warring tribes, women who are tired of the fighting, and their horny husbands.

For an ancient Greek story, there sure is a lot of sexual references – and director Katie Lupica milks every one of them for laughs. Using a solid cast including standouts Burgess Byrd, Andy Simpson, and Carrington Rowe as well as Kat Reynolds, Nicole Jeannine Smith, and Leah Heisel, Lupica stages the show well. Using both ends of the room for scene, costume, and character changes, she maximizes the potential of the make shift theatre. But next time I’m bringing a cushion . . .

Running just over an hour, this is a fun night out in Over-the-Rhine for couples or a girl’s night out. And at $10, it’s definitely worth the price.

LYSISTRATA runs through tomorrow night at Simple Space on 13th street in Over-the-Rhine. Tickets and more information can be found here.