CCM’s Transmigration an Energetic Festival of New Works!

I love new works; CCM’s Transmigration is a fantastic festival of new plays created by the students in CCM’s Acting program each year. This year I was only able to see two of them due to illness; however, the energy is always palpable and exciting.  The amount of work that these students (and their producers, Brant Russell and Richard Hess) give to this annual event is impressive.  It’s a highlight of the theatre year for me and I’m sorry I was only able to participate minimally this year.

The two pieces I saw were “Do Not Disturb” and “Terminal X,” which were similar in style as they were brief theatrical snippets centered around a location – either a hotel or an airport.  The acting in Terminal X was very strong, with comedic elements and some strong emotional moments, too.  I really liked it.

Here’s a list of this year’s offerings:

A massive solar flare knocks electrical energy off the globe, and the world crumbles. A colony holed up in a Sam’s Club has survived two hundred years later. This rugged society falls. How it falls? That’s up to you.
Cast: Noah Buyak, Austin James Cleri, Sierra Coachman, Carter LaCava, Jack McElroy, Abby Palen, Jason Pavlovich, Trey Peterson, Emily Wallace

What do the first person to drink cow’s milk, the first person to say “smooth as a baby’s bottom,” and the founder of Intercourse, Pennsylvania have in common? Despite their genius, none of them are allowed around children anymore. Come see The First Timersand follow the adventures of other pioneers and revolutionaries in this cavalcade of comedy!
Cast: Frankie Chuter, Zoe Cotzias, James Egbert, Matthew Fox, Charles James Gidney, Cameron Nalley, Amanda Nelson, Dustin Parsons, Rachel Baker

Millions of people pass through airports everyday. They keep their heads down, rushing to their gates, hardly aware of the strangers that surround them. But what brings these travelers together? Find your gate, keep track of your belongings and have your boarding pass ready. Now boarding.
Cast: Chandler Bates, AJ Civello, Emma Fitzgerald, Paige Jordan, Graham Rogers, Kristina Steinmetz, Dan DeGroh, Jack Fogle

The day before they begin training for the Pangean Armed Forces, Theo stumbles upon a scientific phenomenon. In a world where a flourishing utopia has reigned throughout the millennia, what they uncover will challenge everything. Join us in this futuristic black comedy as we follow Theo’s discovery of what it means to be “other.”
Cast: Jacqueline Daaleman, Shakoria Alexus Davis, Annie Jacques, Rachel Jones, Liza Lagerstrom, Briley Oakley, Jack Steiner, Kayla Temshiv, Ariel Shaw

Here is your confirmation email. We tried screaming into the ether, but you didn’t respond. Please contact ROOM 4735 with any questions, to sit, stare and absorb light particles through your eyes holes. We hope you enjoy your stay at the Sleep Inn.
Cast: Gabriella DiVincenzo, Ella Eggold, Eli Lucas, Sydney Miles, Madison Pullman, Lily Olsen, Rin Wallace, Duncan Weinland, Julianna Weis-Palacios, Jacob Mallory

For the first time in history, you can join your favorite all-American family LIVE in front a studio audience on primetime! Did someone say Honey, I’m Home?! Join Jim as he navigates the ever-increasing challenges of family life. The whole gang is back for more laughter, mischief and wonderful adventures! What will the Henderson’s cook up this time? Only you can find out!
Cast: Jabari Carter, Neuma Cohen-Denson, Sarah Durham, Michelle Jardine, Gabriel Nasato, Madeleine Page-Schmit, Lucas Prizant, Reid Robison, Isabella Wagner, Griffin Whittaker

Brant Russell will direct “Association of Controlled Dreamers” April 25-27th as the CCM Studio show for the Acting Program. Tickets are free and will be available at noon on April 22. Click here for more information.