HEARTS LIKE FISTS Now Playing at Know Theatre

James Creque in HEARTS LIKE FISTS by Adam Szymkowicz at Know Theatre of Cincinnati / Photo by Daniel R. Winters
James Creque in HEARTS LIKE FISTS at Know Theatre / Photo by Daniel R. Winters

Are you a fan of superheros? Comic books? Unusual theatrical experiences? Then you might enjoy HEARTS LIKE FISTS playing at Know Theatre of Cincinnati through April 25th.

Dr. X is killing lovers in their sleep, causing their hearts to stop with poison.  A trio of female crime fighters are hot on his trail.  Meanwhile, Peter is trying to perfect a mechanical heart . . .because his own has been broken. He’s also trying to avoid having that happen again by Lisa, who has joined the crime fighters without his knowledge.

It’s an intriguing premise.  It’s a great set full of interesting lighting and projections.  And there’s a good soundtrack by composer James Allen.  Cast includes James Creque, Andrew Ian Adams, Maggie Lou Rader, Linnea Bond, Sola Thompson, Miranda McGee, and Lisa DeRoberts and is directed by Tamara Winters.  I enjoyed Rader’s work, especially her physicality and I always think DeRoberts is hilarious.

I saw the show on Sunday afternoon.  I’d recommend that you go, see it, and decide for yourself what you think.  You can read David Lyman’s review here.  He also did a nice advance feature on the show here.

Tickets and more information are available here.

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