FRINGE REVIEW: The Gospel of Fat Kathy


There’s a reason why Teavana exists, with its many flavors of cups of tea.  Fringe is the same way, with various genres and styles and creative visions available for the choosing.  THE GOSPEL OF FAT KATHY, while not everyone’s favorite flavor, should be appreciated for what it is – as another reviewer said, “It’s gonzo theatre” and in my opinion it’s as well done as any show I’ve seen this year.

That said, I completely understand why not everyone will get it or enjoy it.  It’s abstract; more than that it’s in your face, bold, and weird.  And it maybe be too culturally specific for some demographics.  But it’s a perfect Fringe piece for those very reasons.  What cannot be argued is the professionalism of the production and the obviously well-rehearsed and innate skill, talent, and training of this troupe of students from the CCM Acting department.

Ryan Garrett, Owen Alderson, Mickey Tropeano, Spencer Lackey, and Katie Langham all bring a fierceness to the stage.  They are not ashamed of themselves, no matter what ridiculous, akward, or bizarre things are going to come out of their mouths.  More than that, though, is a confidence in performance that is refreshing from college-aged actors.  Under the guidance of director and co-founder of #hashtagtheatrecompany with Langham, AC Horton (who I’ve called a bizarro genius in the past and it rings true even more with this piece), this ensemble works together to pull off a one-of-a-kind production that is not to be missed.

It IS a polarizing piece, even among critics.  But maybe that’s what makes it so great?

THE GOSPEL OF FAT KATHY plays again Fri, June 10 at 7:40pm and Sat, June 11 at 4:15pm.  Tickets are available here.