imageThis is a fantasy pairing of the highest order.  Torie Wiggins and Kevin Crowley are two of our cities finest Equity actors and when I saw that they were collaborating for this year’s Fringe Festival I was beyond excited.

And rightfully so.

Crowley, who also wrote the script, is such an interesting presence on stage.  The choices he makes are deliberate yet casual.  He’s a professional, no doubt, but there’s something very organic about his manner.

Wiggins, too, is a joy to watch especially when she’s working with material like this. We’ve seen her play maids (four times!), Mame’s best friend, and even a three-headed dog.  But when she can sink her teeth into contemporary, well-composed words she is at her best.

Together, this duo tells a hilarious story about a blind date and within that context explore racial stereotypes in depth.  There’s a lot of irreverence and a very provocative and shocking ending, earning the NC-17 rating it received in the Fringe Guide. Some of the conversation – not much – feels a little forced.  And in the hands of lesser actors this might careen off the rails quickly.  But with these two it works and works well.  And I’m sure Crowley – and director Reggie Willis – knew that.

As a side note, I wish there were more equity level musicals in Cincinnati because after watching Torie perform in VIOLET and in this piece where she gets to sing “Midnight Train to Georgia” while Crowley white-boy dances backup . . . Well, let’s just say, Wiggins needs to sing more.  She’s stunning.

This show probably generated the biggest laughs of any that I’ve ever seen at Fringe.  The comic timing of both actors is impecable.  But more importantly, the subject is timely, relevant, and totally what Fringe should be.

WE DID IT, GIRL runs again Mon, June 6 at 9:15pm, Wed, June 8 at 6:30pm, and Thu, June 9 at 8:30pm in the Art Academy Studio way upstairs. Take the elevator. Click here for tickets.