REVIEW: The Second City’s Holidazed and Confused Revue

There are some very funny moments in the Shelterhouse this holiday season, especially when the comedy is Cincinnati-centric.  And there are definitely some clunkers.  But the good thing about HOLIDAZED AND CONFUSED is that even if a sketch is falling flat it doesn’t last very long.

When someone says “improv,” I tend to go the opposite direction.  Good improv is hard; television’s “Whose Line Is It Anyway” a notable example of it done really well.  I wasn’t entirely sure how much improv would be included in the latest show to open at the Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park but I was willing to keep an open mind.  I also thought about how in a typical episode of Saturday Night Live, my most relatable experience with sketch comedy, about two-thirds of the show were way too abstract for me.  Or not that funny.  But again, I was willing to keep an open mind.

I especially enjoyed the work of Katie Kershaw and Tyler Davis.  Davis, a Columbus, Ohio native, and Kershaw, a graduate of NKU, seemed to get “us” better than the rest of the ensemble.  But each member of the cast brings something unique to the stage.  And each gets quite a few laughs.  A carriage ride gone wrong, very specific digs at Crossroad’s “Awaited” show, and a segment on Cincinnati-themed Grandfather Clocks all stand out.

HOLIDAZED AND CONFUSED is a fun way to spend two hours this season.  It beats shopping.  And for some, it might beat family dinners.  I enjoyed it.

THE SECOND CITY’S HOLIDAZED & CONFUSED REVUE runs through December 31st at the Playhouse in the Park.  Click here for more information.