FRINGE REVIEW: The Origins of My Magic

Cody Clark is a magician, who happens to have autism.  This is his second show at Fringe; he’s back and this time he’s letting us into his history and his passion for magic.  He doesn’t ignore his autism but this time around it’s not the focal point of his show.  Instead, he tells us about his love for Mr. Rogers, Dolly Parton, and cheesy motivational speakers.

Clark is very funny.  He’s also very good at working the room.  He knows who’s there and he will refer to them by name especially if they are other Fringe performers or “local celebrities.”  He handled a child heckler well today.  While his magic tricks are not revolutionary by any stretch, the casual audience will be impressed for sure.  But I’m more impressed with his timing, his charm, and how gosh-darn happy he seems to be up there performing for all of us.

Clark’s best trick isn’t an illusion; the real magic is his authentic personality and how he uses his strengths – and his challenges – to win over the crowd.

THE ORIGINS OF MY MAGIC is part of the Cincinnati Fringe Festival.  Click here for information about the show and click here for information about the entire festival.