CCM Freshman Showcase is a Hopeful Sign of the Times

Every year, the Freshman class of musical theatre students develops a showcase as a year-long project.  They select the music, they choreograph the numbers, they write the monologues, and they put it all together under the watchful eye of faculty members (this year Vince DeGeorge and Aubrey Berg and musical director and accompanist Steve Goers)).

Entitled “WE THE PEOPLE,” the hour-long cabaret featured an interesting mix of songs from the ironic (“The Country’s in the Very Best of Hands” from Lil’ Abner and “Everyone’s a Little Bit Racist” from Avenue Q) to the introspective (“What’s Going On?” from Motown) to very in-your-face (“American Idiot,” “Totally F*cked” from Spring Awakening) among others.  The monologues were funny, touching, honest, and heartfelt.  The entire ensemble – all 20 members of the class of 2021 – were spotlighted with segues between songs.  They all can sing, they all can dance; CCM Musical Theatre is known for its triple threats and while this year’s class is diverse in many ways, it’s singular in its talent.

This year’s post-showcase number was John Lennon’s “Imagine;” as relevant now as ever.  I’ve seen a handful of these showcases over the last few years; this one was special for its no-holds-barred approach to social issues.  These students embody a new generation, one that’s full of hope – and action.  They are aggressive, but they are reasonable.  This showcase was inspiring, not because the future of CCM and musical theatre is bright but because society is going to be better off thanks to these educated, bright, and compassionate young people.  The establishment – full of old white guys (like me) – should take note . . . times are changing. It’s exciting.

I’m thrilled to follow yet another group of talented young people on their journeys to Broadway and beyond.  It’s the best part of my theatre experience.

The Freshman class includes: Jack Brewer, John Collins, Sofie Flores, Carina Florio, Jamie Goodson, Eli Goykhman, Cole Harken, Haley Holcomb, Jack Johnson, Joshua Johnson, Samuel Keith, David Littlefield, Camila Paquet, Mikayla Renfrow, Matthew Skrovan, Veronica Stern, Quinn Sudez, Elle Zambarano, and Ethan Zeph.

Up next at CCM Musical Theatre: THEORY OF RELATIVITY in the Cohen Studio Theatre. Tickets go on sale tomorrow at noon for this free weekend of performances.  Click here for more information.