I’ve never done this before but I feel compelled to write an addendum to my review of CCM and Know Theatre’s RUNAWAYS after seeing it again this evening.  My friend expressed interest in seeing it and I had the evening free and so I bought a ticket to join her at the official opening night performance.  I generally don’t review previews but I wasn’t sure I’d get an opportunity to see it again; I’m so glad I did.

We sat in the front row tonight; last night I sat in the back.  Tonight they had the foresight to chill the theatre prior to the show so the temperature was more comfortable.  The crowd was much smaller than last night’s preview audience, which was loaded with CCM Acting students showing their support for their compadres.  But because the audience shrunk, the performers on stage had more time to engage one another.  And this seemed to up the energy.  And the emotion.

When I wrote last night’s review I talked about how I wasn’t sure how relevant the material was for today’s society.  Boy, was I wrong.  Way wrong.  Being immersed and more connected to the production tonight allowed me to process the stories being told in a way I didn’t or couldn’t last night.  DeGeorge and his cast – with only three meager weeks of rehearsal – have really pulled off a remarkable feat and its one that needs to be seen.

So, while I stand by the praise from last night’s initial impressions (and if I could spotlight every single performer and their shining moments I would) I wanted to express my new, better informed opinion about last nights criticism. RUNAWAYS is definitely better the second time around.  I left the theater breathless.

RUNAWAYS continues to run through Sunday night at Know Theatre. Click here for tickets.