Alfred Hitchock’s 39 Steps

Alfred Hitchcock's 39 Steps

This will be a short review.  For one, I am too busy to craft a lengthy treatise on why this show was good and funny and two, it wasn’t THAT good or funny.

I know Connie didn’t enjoy it.  I was wearing a listening device during the first half because I can never hear very well at the Aronoff, so I wasn’t able to tell if Connie was laughing with the rest of the audience or not.  I did find out at intermission what she thought when she announced that this show was “terrible.”  HA!

I liked it.  I thought it was cute.  There were some good gags and I like this kind of stupid humor – when I understand whats going on.  I will tell you that without the listening device during the 2nd half (I took it back at intermission in case we wanted to leave early) I couldn’t always tell what was being said by the 4 actors, but what I did comprehend was harmless fun.  I don’t know that I’m dying to see it again, though I was impressed with the staging and the creativity of having these four actors play all these different characters throughout the show.

Anyway, I give it a solid B.  Connie, I think would say D- bordering on F, but I hate to speak for her (though since she doesn’t have a blog, I will! HA!)

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