Two More Chances to see The Skivvies


I thought Nick Cearly was genius in BUYER AND CELLAR.  If you haven’t seen that, you must buy tickets now.  Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Welcome back.  Now, you also need to get tickets to see Nick and the delightful Lauren Molina in concert as the stripped-down duo, The Skivvies.  Not only do they strip down to their underwear – more importantly they strip down popular songs and perform amazing versions using a cello, a ukulele, a glockenspiel, a melodica, and other unusual instruments.  And there’s a drummer who made his debut last night, as well.

I saw the Thursday night performance and the audience was having a blast.  These two have amazing musical talent, are seasoned professional performers, and the songs are inventive, cool, and more often than not – hilarious.

On Thursday they were joined by CCM freshman Dylan Mulvaney (he’s with them all three nights) and local favorite Sara Mackie.  Mackie performed a belty version of “Titanium” mashed up with other songs.  And her skivvies costume was “designed” by prop mistress Shannon Rae Lutz.

Tonight they’re joined by Drew Lachey and tomorrow night its a. Beth Harris from The Hiders.  Tickets are only $30 -its the best post theatre party in town this weekend.

I can’t recommend it enough!