I’ll be honest; I was hoping for a bit more of a straightforward narrative from this show. After all, the shows I’ve seen from Homegrown Theatre in the past have ranged from charming stories full of comedy and heart to chilling horror.  They know how to tell a story.

In SUFFER Fools there’s a loose narrative; it’s more of a relationship piece between these two co-workers and their relationship with each other, the world-at-large, and themselves.  Starring Buz Davis and Leah Strasser, two of Cincinnati’s finest performers, the show is chock full of laughs, rapid-fire references, and thought-provoking lines.  The tech is sophisticated, too, with solid lighting and a great sound design from David Levy and even a live cameo from stage manager, Annette Ouchie.

It all does seem a bit random, at least at first.  But as we continue to get an understanding of the way these two suffer various annoyances on behalf of their clients . . .well, we start look at ourselves a little differently.  Or at least I think that’s the goal.

SUFFER Fools is entertaining; how could it not be with these two at the helm?  But it might not be for everyone.  And that’s what’s so wonderful about Fringe.  It might not have been what I was expecting – but maybe that’s the point?

For more information about SUFFER Fools, click here.  For more information about the Cincinnati Fringe Festival, click here.