Fringe 2018 Preview – Part 2!

Previously I highlighted a handful of shows that I’m most looking forward to at this year’s Fringe Festival, which started tonight!  Let’s run through a few more:

  • DOPPELBANGER opens on Saturday.  I met the solo artist behind this piece, Nick Jonczak, two weekends ago when he was in need of a floor to crash on while he drove across the country to a different gig.  I was already interested in the show, which is billed as “part cabaret, part gallery-style Tarot reading” but after spending a few minutes with Nick now I’m really excited to see how his natural charisma comes across on stage.  He’s in MOTR Pub’s basement. Tickets and more information can be found here.
  • Tatum Hunter (along with Maya Farhat) are behind, THE BUREAU.  Both of these young ladies are graduates of Xavier’s new theatre program.  Hunter has gone to Chicago post her internship at the Playhouse in the Park while Farhat just finished up an internship at Ensemble Theatre Company. I saw them as Joanne and Maureen in RENT; they’re magic together.  The show should be, too.  Here’s the synopsis: “The year is 2030, and a not-so-competent New World Older has seized control of the globe. Two low-level bureaucrats arrive in town to conduct a reeducation workshop – but their PowerPoint dies. Speaking off script for the first time and facing a gruesome punishment, the two must find meaning in the midst of a delightfully absurd corporate hellscape – before it’s too late.”  See this one in the Art Academy Studio starting on Friday, June 1st. Click here for all the info.
  • A Fringe favorite all over the continent, Paul Strickland (along with Erika Kate MacDonald) have a new show this year called ExTrashVaganza!  I don’t know much, but I know that if Paul and Erika are behind it, it will be above average at least. And apparently there are puppets?  The duo just won Best Show from the Orlando Fringe Critic’s Choice Awards for a different production!  They’re top notch – and super nice people, too.  Click here for all the details on their show in Know Theatre.
  • Finally, I’m a sucker for all things magic and this year we have PLEASE SHUFFLE THE CARDS from Erik Tait out of Columbus is a veteran of comedy clubs and The Magic Castle in California.  I seriously cannot wait to be astounded, amazed, and entertained by this one, taking place at Over-the-Rhine Community Church. It might be a guilty pleasure for me . . . and that’s what makes Fringe great!  There really is something for everyone.  Click here for information.

I can’t run down all the shows, but trust me – there are so many other great options.  As I always say, you can’t go wrong and even if you did, it only lasts an hour!  I’ll be around the next couple of days to see as much as I can (new work schedule is prohibiting me from truly Fringing it up the way I’d like this year) and I hope to see you there.  Check out the full line up of shows here and feel free to use the database/schedule I created to help guide your Fringing.  See ya in OTR!