What To Watch – Jan 2016

There’s a whole host of great theatre options opening in the next several weeks; here’s a few that I recommend.

For those of you who like the classics, HENRY VI Part One opens at Cincinnati Shakespeare Company this week.  Featuring Darnell Pierre Benjamin, one of my favorites, this history play continues what CSC calls their “Game of Thrones.”  You can catch it through February 13th.  Click here for more info.

the-realistic-jonesesFor you, who like me, enjoy a more contemporary style of theatre then you might get a seat for THE REALISTIC JONESES, opening this Thursday.  Directed by local legend, Dale Hodges, this family dark-comedy by Will Eno features the talents of Carter Bratton, Miranda McGee, Phil Florin, and Mindy Seibert.  If you’ve never been to the Clifton Performance Theatre, you’re missing out.  Truly one of the most unique venues in the city, you’re usually feet (or inches) away from the actors.  JONESES runs through February 6th.  Tickets and more info can be found here.  I’ll be there opening night – so look for a review on Friday.

Looking for something traditional, but not Shakespearean?  THE WIZARD OF OZ plays at the Carnegie in Covington for two weekends starting this Thursday. It’s “lightly staged,” meaning the focus is more on the music (the Kentucky Symphony Orchestra plays) than on the sets.   Tickets are here.

section_header_groundedI’m intrigued (and bracing myself) for Ensemble Theatre’s GROUNDED.  This one woman show, featuring Kathleen Wise, is about a grounded female fighter pilot.  I expect intensity and brilliance.  Wise is a Cincinnati native and was just in A CHRISTMAS CAROL as the Ghost of Christmas Past.  Michael Evan Haney directs.  Tickets and more can be found here.  I’ll be there opening night.

The Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park presents a brand new play called NATIVE GARDENS, officially opening on Thursday, January 28th.  (It previews the week before.)  Featuring Broadway star, Karen Ziemba, this comedy is sure to be a highlight of the season.  More information can be found here.  I’m there opening night, as well.

Finally, Falcon Theatre will present PRELUDE TO A KISS opening on January 29th.  This beautiful love story hasn’t been done locally for some time and I’m excited to see what Falcon does with it.  Tickets and more information can be found here.

Also:  Wright State University will present A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE from January 29th – February 7th.  This will appeal to their season subscriber base, I’m sure.  CHAPTER TWO by Neil Simon opens this week at the Covedale Center for the Performing Arts.  This one is not your typical Simon play and with director Ed Cohen at the helm who knows what might happen.  Know Theatre will premiere BLACK TOP SKY opening January 29th.  I’m hopeful about this one and may try to catch a Welcome Wednesday performance. They’re free!

With all these great options over the next two weeks, there’s no excuse not to see you at the theatre! I’ll see you there!