11811315_10153228693627909_6905618370178635923_nShowbiz Players will present THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW LIVE! on stage at The Carnegie opening September 18th.  Director Sean Mize says “I don’t want to give too much away but I will say, It will be very different from the film while still having that overall feeling of the movie that is so ingrained in peoples hearts and minds.”

Director Sean Mize
Director Sean Mize

“When people set out to do a production of The Rocky Horror Show, they have two options: Either attempt to recreate the magic that is the film, or make it your own.”  In order to set this production apart from others, Mize said he started asking one question.  “Why?”

“Why does Frank do what he is doing? Why are Brad and Janet so important to his plan? Why are there other people at the castle to witness the madness?”

Often, the audience gets very involved in the Rocky Horror experience.  “I thought about shows that would get the audiences involved and would create a lot of excitement. That is what Rocky Horror does! It is truly a cult classic spanning many generations and it is a show that people know they can attend to have fun and be completely insane! Audience members will show up in costumes, know every word of the scripts, sing along, and rock out, and that is the type of show I have always wanted to direct!”

However, there are some limits to crowd involvement this go-round.

“Due to some rules and regulations of The Carnegie Theater audience participation will not be allowed at every performance. We of course want audiences at all of our performances to have fun, dress up, scream, and get involved, but those who would like to do the callbacks to actors and throw props should come to our special participation shows Sunday Sept. 20th and the Midnight show Saturday Sept. 26th. As for props, we will be selling prop kits before the participation shows, cash only. No outside kits will be allowed. The Midnight show will have a pre-show starting at 11pm which will include a costume contest with prizes, virgin games, and entertainment.  Be prepared to have an amazing night of fun and debauchery!”

Brett Parr in Kings Island's "British Invasion"
Brett Parr in Kings Island’s “British Invasion”

Mize has cast a crew of talented people.  And he found a veteran for the important role of Frank N Furter.  Brett Parr played the character in 2012 in a production in Canton, Ohio.  “Playing Frank was always a bucket list role for me. That production was done in a small, intimate rock venue, and had a concert-type vibe going on. I felt like an absolute rockstar . . . fishnets, corsets, and nine inch platform heels.  I wanted to do the show again because playing Frank is such a blast but I really wanted the chance to nail down the character.”

Parr is also very excited about the spin his director has put on the show.  “This production is much different from my last production. He [Mize] is really stepping out of the box with a new and fresh take on this cult classic. It’s going to be Rocky Horror on a whole new level.”

Mostly, though, he’s looking forward to sinking his teeth back into this iconic role.  “I am excited to really take a fresh new turn on Frank and just rock out as much as possible. The wigs, costumes, make-up are all fun, but Frank really anchors the show with his outrageous personality. I feed off the audience in this show more than anything else so if they are ready to rock, Frank is more than ready to roll!”

Showbiz Players’ THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW LIVE! runs from September 18th – the 26th at The Carnegie in Covington, KY.  Click here for more information and to get your tickets!